Episode 12: Brian Walker – Elevating Aviation, Leading with Safety, Finding the Why in Aviation Dispatch, the Importance of Giving Back and Celebrating the Success of Others.

Brian Walker, Director of Operational Services at JetLinx, shares his insights on aviation in this podcast episode. Brian humorously refers to his job as "What is my Aviation Job Today?" but takes his role as a self-proclaimed “Aviation Schedule Defender” seriously.

He believes that the Aviation Dispatch license adds the Golden Value to the Business Aviation industry but encourages students to explore the various opportunities in aviation, from operations and service to accounting and marketing. He states that the industry needs leaders and urges everyone to step up and make a difference.

Brian also talks about the unfortunate Comair 5191 Aviation Incident, which solidified his "Why". Since then, he has been tirelessly working to improve service levels and mitigate risk while elevating the aviation industry.

He also tells us of his love for the Polaris Vocus software, which he uses to help manage flight risks and fatigue scores in a matter of minutes.

Brian is available on LinkedIn and always willing to share his knowledge with anyone interested in aviation.

Thank you for tuning in, and we hope you enjoy this episode of our podcast!

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