Episode 29 – Jennifer Pickerel – VP~Aviation Personnel International, Continuing Aviation Education, Leaders are Forged, Aviation Talent Crisis, Scheduler to Director of Aviation, and Networking Aviation Committees.

Get ready to soar into the world of aviation with a twist of literary inspiration! Join us on the Business Aviation Collective podcast, powered by LD Aviation, as we dive into an exhilarating conversation with Jennifer Pickerel, a 20 year veteran in the aviation industry and a current VP for Aviation Personnel International.

Jennifer's story is a remarkable one – from being an English Major and Aspiring Poet to becoming a prominent figure in Aviation. In this episode, we unravel the unclear path of leadership in Aviation Maintenance and S&D, debunk the myth that Directors of Aviation must be Pilots, dissect the FAA's report into the Talent Crisis in Aviation, and explore the boundless advantages of Continuing Education and Networking in this thrilling field.

Buckle up for a high-flying discussion.

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